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Spruce Grove  Mortgage Rates


Disclaimer: These Spruce Grove mortgage rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Whalen Mortgage Spruce Grove works to provide its clients with the lowest possible interest rates. We do this by partnering with some of the top mortgage lenders and non-bank lenders in Spruce Grove. We also receive volume discounts due to the amount of business we send to lenders, and we pass these savings on to our customers. This is why Whalen Mortgages Spruce Grove may be able to get a lower interest rate from your bank than their stated rates.

We believe that consumers should be educated. That is why we take the time to explain the wide range of options to our customers. You won’t sign up for a low interest rate only to be hit by high fees. You’ll understand that you’re receiving a lower interest rate in exchange for a closed mortgage with limited opportunities to pay down the principal. You’ll know why a variable rate mortgage has a lower interest rate than a fixed rate and the risks that come with it. You’ll also understand how choosing a different mortgage loan term such as a home line of credit combined with a mortgage can balance the risk with the benefits. For example, you can choose a one year fixed rate mortgage that is negotiable like a standard five year mortgage, locking in your house payments for 12 months.

We are your mortgage brokers in Spruce Grove to offer you top notch service. We work around your hours to ensure getting a mortgage is a smooth transaction on your next Spruce Grove home purchase or your renewal of your Spruce Grove Mortgage.


1 Year Fixed6.59%
2 Year Fixed5.89%
3 Year Fixed4.89%
4 Year Fixed4.94%
5 Year Fixed4.64%
10 Year Fixed6.59%
Variable Rate5.90%













Whalen Mortgages Spruce Grove can often find you a lower interest rate on a fixed rate mortgage with non-bank lenders. They simply use their contract rate plus additional margin to offset someone’s risk profile. Variable rate loans have a lower penalty, but your payment changes as the Bank of Canada reassesses its rates every few months. Know that the mortgage interest rate can only go up in quarter of a percent increments. And the bank’s interest rates will always be somewhat higher than the Bank of Canada’s interest rate.

We believe in transparency. You’ll understand the pros and cons of every mortgage product available to you, whether you want to put little to no money down on a new Spruce Grove home or tap into your home equity to make needed repairs and renovations to your Spruce Grove house. Call Whalen Mortgages Spruce Grove today to lock in your mortgage rate before you go home shopping. You can reach us at 780-229-5777. And we’re here to help you save money when your Spruce Grove home mortgage is up for renewal.

Fixed mortgage rates vastly differ from a variable rate mortgage if broken early has a transparent penalty of 3 months interest. Call us today or apply online today to get your new Spruce Grove Mortgage started.